Interior design 2023-07-16
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Visualizing interior design with images.
Design My Room was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 16th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Uses iPhone's camera
Instant room redesign
Offers 5 design ideas
Unique design inspirations
Tailored room makeovers
Promotes creativity
Easy to use
Supports photo uploads


Only available on iPhone
Limited design options
Dependent on photo quality
No Android version
Lack of customization options
Internet connection required
Doesn't support 3D visualization
Not available worldwide
No multi-room design
No offline functionality


What is Design My Room?
How does Design My Room work?
How can I use Design My Room to redesign my room?
Can Design My Room provide multiple design ideas?
Where can I download Design My Room?
Is Design My Room compatible with iPhone?
How does Design My Room generate unique designs?
Can I upload my own pictures to Design My Room?
Does Design My Room only work with photos taken by iPhone?
Does Design My Room provide design inspirations?
What type of designs can Design My Room generate?
How many design ideas does Design My Room spit out per photo?
Can I use Design My Room for my home makeover projects?
How user-friendly is Design My Room?
Where else can I get inspired by Design My Room's designs?
Can I share my redesign ideas from Design My Room?
Does Design My Room have any premium features?
Do I need to pay for using Design My Room?
Is there a tutorial for how to use Design My Room?
Are there any limitations to the designs that Design My Room can generate?

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