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Elevate your space using AI to instantly render designs.
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Design Sense is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered application specifically developed to assist users in interior design. This intuitive application provides users with the unique ability to capture a photo of any room and restyle it using AI technology, offering a variety of stylistic options.

Upon uploading an image, the AI provides a transformed version of the room in the chosen style within seconds. Users can explore different render styles to get the desired aesthetic and functionality.

Styles available include but are not limited to Japanese Living Room, Minimalist Living Room, Modern Kitchen, Art Deco Living Room, Scandinavian Kitchen, Ski Chalet Kitchen, Tribal Outdoor Patio, and Biophilic Living Room.

One of this app's unique capabilities is its flexibility to deal with any room type, making it versatile and accessible. Additionally, the application also allows users to convert their interior photos into videos offering a better, dynamic perspective of their newly designed space.

A 'Pro' version of the app is available, offering benefits such as watermark-free downloads and unlimited render amount for a more enhanced user experience.

Design Sense was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 12th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Provides transformed room visual
Range of design styles
Handles all room types
Interior photos to videos
Pro version available
Watermark-free downloads
Unlimited rendering amount
Variety of settings
Upload and redesign functionality
User render exploration
Render quality under Pro
Works on iOS and Android
Dynamic perspective through video
Feedback option available
Clear visual instructions for use


Limited stylistic options
Pro version required for watermark-free downloads
Pro version required for unlimited renders
Quality depends on photo captured
Requires JavaScript
No mention of real-time collaboration
No clear instructions for photo guidelines
No information on system requirements
Not stated if app is available offline
Limited render styles mentioned


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How does Design Sense use AI?
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What is the procedure to use Design Sense?
How quickly can Design Sense generate a transformed version of my room?
What unique features does Design Sense offer?
Does Design Sense support video transformation of room designs?
What are the benefits of the 'Pro' version of Design Sense?
How does Design Sense handle image recognition?
Can I download my designs from Design Sense without a watermark?
Does Design Sense have a limit on the number of renders?
Can Design Sense provide a personalized design based on my preferences?
How does Design Sense handle virtual staging?
Can I choose a furniture layout with Design Sense?
What are the best practices for taking a photo of my room for Design Sense?
Does Design Sense only work with a straight angle photo of a room?
Can I get a dynamic perspective of my newly designed space with Design Sense?
Does Design Sense have an app available for download?
Can Design Sense assist in home improvement projects?

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