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Get inspired and transform your space with our AI-powered virtual staging app.
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Palette Immo is an interior design tool that offers users Artificial Intelligence powered Virtual Staging and Redesign solutions. It allows users to transform both empty and furnished rooms through virtual staging and redesign, envisioning the potential their spaces can achieve when they apply certain design styles or elements.

The tool offers more than 30 design styles, allowing for a highly personalized experience. Users can visualize different styles and make multiple modifications all at once, saving both time and money in the process.

An additional feature includes batch-rendering which offers the convenience of rendering multiple styles simultaneously. Palette Immo is also conducive to team environments, allowing up to 25 team members on a single account.

This feature enables sharing of the same subscription and credits across an entire team, making it a beneficial tool for businesses looking to showcase the full potential of their interior spaces.

The tool also comes with in-built analytics and offers users the convenience of sharing their pages either through a QR code or a unique vanity link.

Palette Immo was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 28th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Virtual staging and redesign
Works on empty rooms
Works on furnished rooms
Over 30 design styles
Personalized design experiences
Multiple modifications at once
Time-saving design
Cost-effective tool
Batch-rendering feature
Supports up to 25 team members
Multi-user team collaboration
Shared subscription across team
Shared credits across team
In-built analytics
Sharing via QR codes
Sharing via vanity links
Real estate showcasing
Space visualization capabilities
Furniture placement simulation
Multiple styles rendered simultaneously
Good for showcasing potential
30+ design styles
Custom styling opportunities
Profile brand personalization


Limited to 25 team members
No mobile application
No downloadable content
No offline usage
No API for integration
No user manual
No option for 2D rendering
No free version available
Limited design styles
No multilingual support


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Can Palette Immo transform both empty and furnished rooms?
What is batch-rendering in Palette Immo?
Can we use Palette Immo in a team environment?
Until how many team members are allowed on a single Palette Immo account?
Can the same subscription and credits be shared across a team in Palette Immo?
What are the in-built analytics in Palette Immo?
How can I share my Palette Immo pages?
What is the use of QR code and vanity link in Palette Immo?
What does the AI in Palette Immo do?
How personalized is the experience using Palette Immo?
What kind of businesses can benefit from Palette Immo?
Can I visualize different styles in Palette Immo?
How do I use the AI-powered virtual staging in Palette Immo?
Can I make multiple modifications to my design in Palette Immo?
Does Palette Immo support real estate showcasing?
Can I simulate furniture placement with Palette Immo?


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