Interior design 2023-10-22
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ByPizzichini Fabien
Virtual interior architect and visual creator.
GPT welcome message: Bienvenue ! Je suis MidGpt'S, prêt à créer des designs d'intérieur uniques pour vous.
Sample prompts:
Propose un design pour un salon de 30m².
Idées de mobilier pour une petite chambre.
Comment aménager une cuisine ouverte ?
Des suggestions de couleur pour une salle de bain.
Quel style pour une salle à manger moderne ?
Optimise l'espace de ce studio de 25m².
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Gptek is a General Pre-training Transformer or GPT created by Pizzichini Fabien. This AI tool works as a virtual Interior Architect and visual creator, designed to provide unique ideas and suggestions regarding interior design.

Gptek interacts with users in the interior design context, offering aid on an array of topics, from proposing designs for a variety of spaces such as a 30m living room or a small bedroom, to offering furniture ideas, room arrangement techniques, and color suggestions for different parts of the house.

Users in the planning phase of home or space renovation projects would find this tool to be quite helpful in devising creative solutions. Furthermore, Gptek can provide recommendations on how to optimize space usage, especially in smaller areas like 25m studios.

This GPT could be a valuable tool to both professional interior designers for brainstorming, as well as hobbyists or homeowners looking for innovative ways to personalize their living spaces.

Gptek was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 23rd 2023.
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