Interior design 07 Mar 2023
Efficient personalized interior design recommendations.

Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered interior design tool that helps users make their dream home a reality by providing furniture and color scheme recommendations.

The tool offers two main features: room renovation and creating a new room. For room renovation, the user can upload an image of their space and choose a style and room type.

The tool will then suggest furniture and color schemes to match the chosen style, allowing the user to visualize and plan their renovation project more efficiently.

For creating a new room, the user can input their desired interior design image with a furniture list and color scheme to be implemented by their contractor.

The tool is designed to simplify the interior design process by providing personalized suggestions and recommendations tailored to the user's preferences. leverages AI technology to gather and analyze data about the user's style and preferences, as well as current design trends to provide the best recommendations possible.

As a result, the tool eliminates the need for hiring an interior designer which can save users time and money. In summary, is a useful tool for anyone looking for an intuitive and efficient interior design solution.


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