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Gepetto AI is a tool designed to provide beautiful virtual staging and interior design in a matter of seconds. Underpinned by artificial intelligence, Gepetto can generate custom virtual representations in a variety of styles, for both residential and professional spaces, based on just a single photograph.

Users can select from over 30 different style options, all of which have been carefully crafted by professional interior designers. Once an AI-generated rendering is created, the user has the ability to refine, download, and mix different styles for a more personalized and realistic result.

The tool also provides a unique feature of allowing users to change the color of the walls in the room, which can be particularly useful for previewing potential redecoration ideas.

The generated results by Gepetto are unique, ensuring that the same result won't be given twice. Apart from interior, it also offers possibilities to visualize outdoor renovations.

Furthermore, Gepetto features a shopping option that helps to find similar objects and furniture from those generated in the AI render.

Gepetto AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 11th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Generates virtual staging quickly
Over 30 style options
Professional designer crafted styles
User refinement capabilities
Ability to mix styles
Downloadable results
Customizable wall colors
Ensures unique results
Outdoor visualization options
Works on a single photo
Residential and professional spaces
Capable of redesigning outdoors
High quality renderings
Generates personalized design
Meticulous adaptation to tastes
Furnishing for empty rooms
High-definition upscaling feature
Modification of specific areas
Can change wall colors
Inspiration for decoration ideas
Home staging capability
Offers upscale render options
Can find similar objects
Promises unique renderings


Single-photo based
No measuring tool
Limited style options
No effective preview
Furniture shopping limitations
No exact color control
Lack of professional tools
Outdoor renovation limitations
No workspace sharing


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Can Gepetto AI be used for exterior design?
Does Gepetto AI provide a shopping guide for furniture?
Can I customise the AI-generated renderings from Gepetto AI?
Do I need to provide measurements for Gepetto AI to generate renderings?
How do I upload a photo to Gepetto AI?
Can I mix different styles in Gepetto AI?
Are Gepetto AI design results unique every time?
Can Gepetto AI be used for professional spaces?
What's the process to refine a generated render in Gepetto AI?
What's the 'Change the walls color' feature in Gepetto AI?
How can I visualize outdoor renovations with Gepetto AI?
How can I use the custom mask tool in Gepetto AI?
Can Gepetto AI help with home staging and upscaling?
How does Gepetto AI ensure uniqueness in its designs?

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