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Managed and visualized interior design projects.
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Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered virtual assistant that helps users design, visualize, and manage interior design projects. The tool uses generative AI algorithms to generate new design options based on user inputs.

Goodhues' visual simulator creates realistic 3D models of interior design spaces that users can experiment with, including different color palettes, furniture styles, and lighting options.

Users can create unlimited designs, save their favorite designs, and manage projects on the platform. Goodhues also offers a Smart Search feature to shop for FF&E items.

The platform is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, even for those without professional design experience. Goodhues offers 20+ interior design styles, color schemes, and more to help users create moods for their designs.

Users can collaborate on projects, and Goodhues' customer support team is available for any questions. caters to both professional interior designers and amateurs looking to experiment with different design styles.

The platform's generative AI capabilities make it efficient for designers to quickly generate new design options, increasing overall productivity. Users can sign up for an account on the website to access the full suite of tools and features.

Goodhues' users have testified to its simplicity and effectiveness, making it a reliable tool for interior design enthusiasts, architects, and professional interior designers looking for innovative ways to enhance their creative process.


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Jun 29, 2023
Pretty cool. Nice website. My favorite for far
Jun 2, 2023
Not for landscape

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Pros and Cons


Realistic 3D modeling
Customizable design options
Unlimited design creation
Project management feature
Smart Search for shopping
Intuitive user interface
20+ interior design styles
Collaboration feature
Reliable customer support
Suitable for professionals and amateurs
Efficiency in design generation
User account creation
Positive user testimonials
Various color palette options
Different lighting options
Saving favorite designs
Eases the creative process
Increase overall productivity
Early access to new features


Limited design styles
Collaboration feature not available
No offline use
Limited FF&E items availability
Lack of training resources
No multi-device sync
No API offered
Potential privacy concerns
No mobile application


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What does the generative AI algorithms do in
What are some functions of Goodhues' visual simulator?
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What is the Smart Search feature in Goodhues?
Can I use Goodhues without any professional design experience?
How many interior design styles does Goodhues offer?
Is there a color scheme option in Goodhues?
Can I collaborate with others on a project in Goodhues?
Is customer support provided in Goodhues?
Who is designed for?
How can Goodhues improve my productivity as a designer?
How do I sign up for an account in Goodhues?
What does Goodhues' user feedback generally say about the platform?
Can Goodhues be used by professional interior designers?
Can Goodhues be used by amateur designers?
What possibilities does Goodhues provide in terms of lighting and furniture styles?
Can I save my favorite designs on Goodhues?
Does Goodhues have a tool for managing projects?
What do the users think about Goodhues' efficiency and simplicity?

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