Design 2023-06-22
Visualized 3D interior designs.
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Syne is an AI tool that allows designers to visualize and interact with 3D models in realistic contexts, using XR (extended reality) and generative AI.

With Syne, users can directly import 3D models from Google Drive into augmented or virtual reality without the need for external platforms. The AI magic feature enables users to generate textures and environments by simply speaking to the AI, allowing designers to explore their designs in any material or environment they can imagine.

Syne also offers physics, lighting, snapshots, copying and more, giving users the ability to explore multiple design iterations with gravity and in different lighting, save snapshots, and share designs with their team.The tool promises to make validating 3D designs much easier for designers, offering a seamless experience for importing models and generating textures and environments.

The ability to explore designs in different materials and environments may prove particularly useful for those working in architecture, interior design, and industrial design.

By integrating generative AI with XR, Syne adds an element of innovation to a traditional design workflow. Overall, Syne seems to be an all-in-one design tool that optimizes efficiency for designers while providing a visually impressive, interactive design experience.

Synexr was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 23rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


XR integration
Direct 3D import from Google Drive
No external platforms needed
Generates textures and environments
Voice command control
Interactive model exploration
Multiple design iterations
Physics and lighting adjustments
Snapshot saving
Shareable designs
Enhanced 3D design validation
Adaptable to various design fields
Efficiency optimization
Interactive design experience


Limited to Google Drive importation
Relies on XR compatibility
Potential voice recognition issues
Lacks advanced modeling tools
Heavy computational requirements
May have accessibility challenges
Dependent on high-speed internet
Physics simulation limitations
Possible lighting simulation inaccuracies


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Can I save my designs in Synexr?
How can I share designs from Synexr with my team?
What type of designers is Synexr best suited for?
What design features does Synexr offer?
Can Synexr simulate different lighting conditions?
Does Synexr aid in validating 3D designs?
Does Synexr offer any integrations?
Can Synexr change the physics of my design?
How do I sign up for the Syne waitlist?
Can Syne improve the experience of my design iterations?
How does Synexr optimize efficiency for designers?
How can Syne add innovation to my traditional design workflow?

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