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Created professional product photos for businesses.
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Blend AI Studio is a tool that leverages the power of AI to create professional-quality product photos and designs with ease. Users can simply upload their product photos and describe the background scene they want, and the tool generates AI-designed photos with realistic shadows and lighting.

The generated designs can be downloaded in HD quality with background removal and text-to-image AI bg generator. The tool is particularly beneficial for small businesses and online sellers who want to showcase their products with professional-grade visuals without hiring an agency or freelancer.

Blend AI Studio also offers pre-designed templates for common use cases such as DTC brands, car dealerships, and influencers to help users get started quickly.

The tool has received positive testimonials from over 1 million online sellers and DTC brands, who have seen an increase in conversion rates and sales through the professional product photos generated by Blend AI Studio.

Overall, Blend AI Studio is a powerful, user-friendly tool that democratizes high-quality product photography and design, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes.


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AI Studio was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 10th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Professional-quality product photos
Ease of use
Creates realistic shadows
Generates ideal lighting
HD quality downloads
Background removal feature
Beneficial for small businesses
Pre-designed templates provided
Suitable for DTC brands
Suitable for car dealerships
Suitable for influencers
Quick setup
Increases conversion rates
Enhances online sales
Accessible to all businesses
Boosts DTC brand listings
Improves Etsy shop performance
Enables car photoshoots quickly
Aids influencer marketing
Efficiency for product photography
Eliminates need for agencies
Cost and time effective
Positive user testimonials
Available for Instagram, YouTube
Available for TikTok
Effective for social media


No offline version
No mobile app
No free version
Doesn't support bulk uploads
Limited pre-designed templates
No 3D design support
Only HD quality exports
Unclear customer support channels
No integration with e-commerce platforms
Requires detailed scene description


What is Blend AI Studio?
How does Blend AI Studio work?
What kind of photos can Blend AI Studio generate?
How can I upload photos on Blend AI Studio?
Where can I download the designs created by Blend AI Studio?
Can I use Blend AI Studio for my small business?
What are some common use cases for Blend AI Studio?
What kind of templates does Blend AI Studio offer?
What is the text-to-image AI bg generator in Blend AI Studio?
How can Blend AI Studio increase conversion rates and sales?
What is the process to remove the background in Blend AI Studio?
How does Blend AI Studio benefit DTC brands and online sellers?
Can Blend AI Studio create product photos for car dealerships?
How can influencers use Blend AI Studio?
What quality are the photos downloaded from Blend AI Studio?
Is Blend AI Studio user-friendly for beginners?
How has Blend AI Studio helped other sellers and brands?
Can I create profile photos for social media using Blend AI Studio?
Is hiring an agency or freelancer necessary after using Blend AI Studio?
Are there free designs I can claim on Blend AI Studio?

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