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Designed patterns for designers and businesses.
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MYTH AI is an AI-based pattern design tool that connects designers and businesses. It offers cutting-edge technology to provide green and digital transformation to all sectors and meets the requirements of the 4.0 industry.

MYTH AI improves design capabilities, increases efficiency, reduces production and design costs, improves customer satisfaction, and speeds up the design process by 70%.

MYTH AI is user-friendly and requires no advanced design skills. MYTH AI has numerous references and customers in the industry such as SUN TEKTSIL, ELYAF TEKSTIL, H&M, INDITEX, ISTANBUL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITYTEKNOKENT, WOMEN & WOMEN, GLOBAL DESIGN INDUSTRY ORGANIZATION, TECHXTILE, and INNOGATE.

The tool provides an easy-to-use interface, and the AI can create patterns that are inspired in seconds. MYTH AI offers a wide array of features that can be explored on their website.

The tool is available for demonstration upon request, and the website has a user login where users can access more functionalities. MYTH AI is based in Istanbul and London, with a goal to provide digital transformation and greener methods to businesses worldwide.

In summary, MYTH AI is a powerful tool that enables businesses to bring their patterns to life with ease and with the added benefit of reducing production and design costs.

It provides an optimized work experience for designers, increases customer satisfaction and meets the requirements of the 4.0 industry, making it a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes.


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Jul 16, 2023
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Pros and Cons


Improves design capabilities
Increases efficiency
Reduces production costs
Reduces design costs
Improves customer satisfaction
Speeds up design process
No advanced design skills needed
Well-referenced product
Offers easy-to-use interface
Creates inspired patterns
Diverse range of features
Accessible demo available
Provides digital transformation
Promotes greener methods
Optimized work experience
Meets 4.0 industry requirements
Significant customer base
No basic skills needed
Designs in seconds
Inspires new design
Not geography-bound


No mobile application
Not open source
Limited pattern creation options
Requires internet connection
No offline functionality
Location-based service limitation
No multi-language support
Limited customer support
No free trial available
Tool demonstration upon request only


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How does Myth AI help reduce production and design costs?
How does Myth AI increase customer satisfaction?
What firms or organisations have referenced or used Myth AI?
Where can I see a demonstration of Myth AI?
Is there a user login or portal for Myth AI?
What industries use Myth AI?
Can Myth AI be used by businesses outside of Istanbul and London?
What makes Myth AI a 'green' AI tool?
How does Myth AI help speed up the design process?
What are some features of Myth AI?
How user-friendly is Myth AI?
Can I request a demo of Myth AI?
Where can I explore the additional features of Myth AI?

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