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Guides the conceptualization and development of innovative products.
Sample prompts:
How to transform a product idea into a design?
What's the best way to incorporate user feedback into design?
How to ensure design feasibility in manufacturing process?
How can product design support our brand's identity?
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Product Design Advisor is a GPT developed by Organizational.AI. This tool is intended to guide and streamline the process of conceptualizing and developing new, innovative products.

Its precision lies in the ability to advise on transforming raw ideas into structured, feasible designs. It also offers guidance on best practices for integrating user feedback into the design process to create a product that truly meets customer needs and expectations.

Additionally, this GPT can provide strategic advice on ensuring design feasibility in order to align the design with manufacturing capacity and capabilities.

Another major strength of the Product Design Advisor is its ability to relate product design with brand identity, helping users maintain their brand's uniqueness and consistency throughout the product development process.

This tool, accessible via chat, requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription to be used. The Product Design Advisor is a valuable GPT for anyone involved in product design and development, helping create products that not only match customers' needs and expectations, but also align with the brand's identity and the manufacturing process.


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