Product development 2023-01-04
Market Decision Intelligence
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI platform called Scios that specializes in providing Strategic Decision Intelligence for consumer markets. It models how people make choices to answer various types of questions related to strategic decision-making, such as WHY, WHAT-IF and HOW-TO questions.

The platform aims to help businesses understand and stay informed about crucial events happening worldwide that can potentially impact their operations and success.

It offers predictive and prescriptive analytics through a Predictive Model-as-a-Service, using research from behavioral economics to accurately capture consumer decision-making.

Additionally, Scios provides digital consumer twins, which are virtual representations of consumers, to assist organizations in configuring and calibrating their decision-making systems.

The platform promotes trust and collaboration between humans and AI by providing a human-centric narrative of outcome-to-cause, which enhances system adoption.Scios emphasizes the importance of empowering businesses to make swift and data-backed strategic decisions in an era of rapid change.

By using the platform, organizations can eliminate doubts, freeing up valuable resources and energy for driving creative solutions. Scios offers tools to harmonize multiple data sources, create a digital twin of the market, and populate predictive models with virtual consumers who represent human values, perceptions, decision drivers, and choice processes.

This allows businesses to explore different predictive models, find insights based on deep customer understanding, and run scenarios with zero risk. The platform has been adopted by a wide range of companies, including Fortune 500 companies, and has been used for various applications, from product launches to pricing analyses.


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Scios was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Strategic Decision Intelligence
Offers predictive, prescriptive analytics
Predictive Model-as-a-Service
Models consumer decision-making
Uses behavioral economics
Provides digital consumer twins
Helps configure decision-making systems
Human-centric outcome-to-cause narrative
Harmonizes multiple data sources
Creates market digital twin
Populates predictive models
Virtual representations of consumers
Human values representation
Exploration of predictive models
Deep customer understanding
Zero-risk scenario testing
Adoption by Fortune 500
Applications from launches to pricing
Solutions for various strategic questions
Awareness of global events
Clean, accessible platform design


Limited to consumer markets
No third-party integration mentioned
No mention of real-time analytics
No clear information about data security
Lacks platform customizability information
No free trial option
No explicit GDPR compliance

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