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Guiding the strategic direction of product development and innovation.
Sample prompts:
How to identify market needs for product development?
What strategies can be used to increase product market share?
How to effectively manage risks in product development?
How can we align product strategies with overall business goals?
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The Product Strategy Advisor is a GPT designed to aid in the discerning guidance of product development and innovation strategy. This tool is built on ChatGPT, powered by OpenAI.

The tool's primary function is to provide strategic advice on various aspects of product management and innovation. The GPT is programed to address key issues in product development and innovation, ranging from the identification of market needs to strategic techniques for enhancing market share.

Other areas the GPT can assist with include practical guidance on risk management in product development and aligning product strategies with overarching business objectives.

By catering to these critical aspects of product strategy, the Product Strategy Advisor GPT serves as a valuable tool in handling the multifaceted challenges of product development, strategic alignment, and innovation management in today's highly competitive business environment.


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