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ByVansh Agrawal
Ace your PM interviews with Product Pandit.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to tackle some PM interview questions?
Sample prompts:
How to analyze user churn?
Ways to boost app engagement?
Improving e-commerce checkout?
How to do Root cause Analysis?
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Product Pandit is a GPT specifically designed to aid in preparation for Product Manager (PM) interviews. The tool operates by utilizing ChatGPT to initiate conversations on relevant topics commonly discussed in a PM interview.

It is expertly devised to help users answer a variety of PM focused queries and scenario-based questions. Its functionality extends to offering useful prompt starters on critical topics such as strategies to analyze user churn, methods to enhance app engagement, solutions to improve e-commerce checkout, and assistance in conducting Root Cause Analysis.

The tool has been designed and curated by Vansh Agrawal. It requires signup for access and also requires ChatGPT Plus for operation. The tool provides an interactive interview practice experience and is a valuable resource for those looking to equip themselves with the knowledge and confidence needed to survive in real-world PM interviews.

By offering a conversational format, it ensures continual engagement and personalized learning experience. To use this GPT, users need to sign up and login, after which they can avail the tool's offerings and thoroughly prepare for PM interviews.

Key features include tackling commonly asked questions and providing insightful suggestions to analyze and solve real-world issues.


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Product Pandit was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 19th 2023.
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