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Answering all your product strategy and UX questions.
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Sample prompts:
Tell me about strong product teams.
Explain PM's role in strategy.
What are things I should learn for a PM interview?
How are the roles of a PM in various FAANG companies?
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Product Sage is a GPT that serves as an intelligent guide for those seeking understanding and insights on product strategy, user experience, and careers in product management.

It provides a platform where users can have their queries answered about a broad spectrum of topics from product management to the specific roles of a product manager in various FAANG companies.

Whether a user is an aspiring product manager learning for an interview or someone from the product team wanting to gain insights on product strategy, Product Sage can provide relevant and useful responses.

Additionally, Product Sage introduces users to product management lessons from 'INSPIRED'. The GPT not only provides answers to your existing questions but can also provide prompt starters to stimulate discussion.

These prompt starters can range from inquiries about the characteristics of robust product teams to explanations about the Product Manager's role in strategy formulation.

Please note that using Product Sage requires ChatGPT Plus.


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Product Sage was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 26th 2023.
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