Customer feedback 2023-04-02
Product management insights and planning platform.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered product discovery and strategy platform aimed at product management professionals. This tool provides customer insights to help users discover problems to solve, decide what to build next and create product strategies that drive outcomes.

It features an AI-powered product intelligence system that analyzes feedback, sentiments, customer segments, revenue, and other data points to translate them into actionable insights, enabling users to build better products with confidence. also enables users to capture and centralize feedback from multiple channels, conduct user research and collect feedback for rapid prototyping and validation.

It helps users create product plans, link goals and initiatives, and visualize work progress using strategy maps. Additionally, it allows users to connect OKRs to their product plan and measure the outcomes of every product they build.

With, users can assess delivery confidence in real-time with the proprietary scoring system, ZCN, and drive business impact through top-line growth, bottom-line impact, and insight-led innovation.

The tool also features customer testimonials and product glossary, podcasts, webinars, and blog support. Overall, is designed to aid product management professionals in automating routine operations and shift from a feature factory to innovation mindset for enhanced creations.


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Zeda was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Captures centralized feedback
Multiple channels integration
Comprehensive user research
Uses native feedback tools
Feature for rapid prototyping
Connects feedback with revenue
Analytics integration (Mixpanel, Amplitude)
CRM feedback linking
Sentiment analysis feature
Generates actionable product insights
Customer insights segmenting
Data segmenting based on attributes
Product plans creation
Links goals and initiatives
Specialized strategy maps
Connects product plans with OKRs
Proprietary scoring system (ZCN)
Assess delivery confidence real-time
Focuses on top-line growth
Improves bottom-line impact
Promotes insight-led innovation
Reduces development costs
Guides product development
Automates routine operations
Promotes shift to innovation mindset
Highly customizable
Task efficiency enhancement
Facilitates team alignment
Increases inter-team visibility
Centralizes feedback management
Creates strong feedback loops
Viewer-friendly strategy maps
Optimize resource allocation
Scalability assessment
Single-login system


No offline functionality
Limited integration options
Missing multi-language support
Reports customization is lacking
No White-label option
Unmentioned data security measures
No free version available
Limited customer support channels
No mobile application
Lack compatibility with CRM platforms


What does do?
How does's AI-powered product intelligence system work?
What kind of insights can provide?
How does aid in customer feedback collection?
Can handle feedback from multiple channels?
How does help in product planning?
Can I link OKRs to my product plan using
What is's ZCN and how does it work?
What kind of support is available with
Does come with integrations for other tools?
How can help improve my product's business impact?
What is customer segmentation in
How does help in automating routine operations?
How does aid in strategy planning?
Does provide any visual aids for progress tracking?
Can I expect an increase in confidence while delivering with
What is's strategy plan and how does it work?
Can analyze sentiments?
Does incorporate product analytics platforms?
What kind of data does's AI layer analyze?

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