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Developed product from user feedback analysis.
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Monterey AI is a copilot for product insights that allows users to analyze millions of user voices at the speed of thought. Backed by Y Combinator, Monterey AI is designed to instantly transform millions of data into actionable insights, helping users make bold bets with evidence and confidence.

The tool is built by AI and data leads from Uber, SCALE, and MIT and is developed and deployed within hyper-growing companies. It allows users to plug into existing tools instantly, get accurate and real-time data pulled directly from thousands of existing sources, and provides custom models that continuously learn for companies looking for innovative and robust solutions that improve over time.

Monterey AI is scalable from day 0 to IPO and can process millions of data points in seconds while also providing capabilities that help startups set up the voice of users' infrastructure.

Monterey AI has a privacy and security first approach with masking algorithms making sure sensitive data is processed securely. It is fully compliant with industry-level security and privacy standards.

The tool allows users to create a customer-centric brand by opening the doors to customer opinions, set up feedback infrastructure like embeddable widgets, request portals, and connections with CRM, social media, etc., directly.

Users can also design a feedback experience that encourages users to share more and monitor user voice to identify risks and opportunities while uncovering insights in real-time.

Monterey AI can unlock trends, group insights, and deepen understanding of user needs without sifting through millions of tickets and conversations while supporting 85+ global languages.

The tool allows users to triage reports to the right team and act on it and to leverage data to make evidence-based decisions in product development. Monterey AI deeply integrates with the engineering platform to make sure every decision is worked on and communicated precisely.

The tool empowers next-gen companies betting on AI as their competitive edge.


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Pros and Cons


Developed from user feedback
Real-time data from thousands of sources
Custom models that learn
Scalable from day 0 to IPO
Security and privacy first
Sensitive data processed securely
Fully compliant with industry-level standards
Feedback infrastructure setup
Immediate integration with existing tools
Can process millions of data points
Can identify risks and opportunities
Unlock trends and insights
Grouping insights for better understanding
Understanding of user needs without data overload
Supports 85+ global languages
Can triage reports efficiently
Supports evidence-based product development
Deep integration with engineering platform
Voice of Customer centric
Can design collaborative feedback experience
Built by experts from Uber, Scale, MIT
Backed by Y Combinator


No offline functionality
Limited integration options
No specific industry specialization
Lacks customization features
Data export limitations
No described platform compatibility
Apparent lack of tutorials
Dependent on existing tools
Unmentioned multilingual support
Reporting features not detailed

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