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Fetch & Analyze real Amazon reviews with ease.
Sample prompts:
Can you provide a review analysis for ASIN B0CHWRXH8B in US?
Give me a review from ASIN B0CHWRXH8B in Amazon US market.
What's your reviews of ASIN B0CHWRXH8B in Amazon Canada market?
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The Real Review Analyzer is a GPT developed by VOC.AI. It functions as a tool to extract and scrutinize genuine Amazon reviews derived from designated ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers) in specific marketplaces.

Users can prompt the tool for evaluation of a particular ASIN in various Amazon markets, such as the US or Canada. The tool is designed to provide an analytical insight into customer reviews of various markets by leveraging the text-based capabilities of the ChatGPT technology to interpret and present review data in a constructive manner.

Users can prompt the tool with queries such as requesting review analysis for a specific ASIN in a designated marketplace or soliciting a review from a certain ASIN in a variety of Amazon markets.

This capability allows the user to gain a broad understanding of customer perception and feedback for specific products in different markets on Amazon.As such, The Real Review Analyzer serves as an innovative solution to understanding customer sentiment at a granular level, enabling businesses and individual sellers to respond effectively to customer feedback and make data-driven decisions to enhance product quality, service, and overall customer experience.Please note that using The Real Review Analyzer requires an active ChatGPT Plus account.


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