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Turning customer feedback into agile user stories.
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Feature is a Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) designed to streamline the process of translating customer feedback into user stories, in line with agile methodologies.

It works on the principle of AI interpretation and contextual understanding. Functionally, Feature takes in raw customer feedback, often in the form of conversation transcripts or meeting notes, and converts this qualitative data into actionable user stories.

These user stories, which are short and simple descriptions of a feature told from the perspective of the end user, play a crucial role in agile product development as they guide the functionality to be developed.

By analyzing the feedback and taking into account nuances and contexts, Feature ensures the user stories are directly aligned with customer needs and expectations.

Essential for product teams, project managers, and stakeholders, Feature provides a more efficient, accurate, and scalable solution to harness customer feedback optimally and ensure it reflects suitably in product development.

Note that Feature requires ChatGPT Plus and works as an application layered on the ChatGPT conversational AI platform.


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