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Assisting in crafting user stories for product managers.
GPT welcome message: Comment puis-je vous aider avec votre user story, ses tests d'acceptance au format Gherkin, et des maquettes aujourd'hui ?
Sample prompts:
Write a user story about a new feature.
Create a user story for a software update.
Draft a user story for improving user interface.
Generate a user story for a security enhancement.
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The Agile User Story Crafter is a GPT developed to assist product owners and managers in the process of writing user stories. In Agile methodology, user stories serve as a communication tool to capture what users need from a product.

Often phrased from the user's perspective, they play a critical role in defining product requirements. This GPT helps with this task by providing suggestions on how to approach the writing of a user story, regardless of the context or specific product feature.

It can assist in generating user stories for various needs, such as introducing new features, updating existing software, improving user interfaces, or enhancing security measures.

Moreover, with its capability to understand the Gherkin language, it can aid in drafting acceptance tests - a key component in validating that a user story meets expected outcomes.

This not only streamlines the process of creating user stories but also promotes consistency and transparency in articulating product requirements. The tool requires the use of ChatGPT Plus for functionality.


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