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Organized agile projects.
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Epicmatic is an AI-powered tool that helps users prepare agile epics and user stories. Epics and user stories are an effective way of organizing and prioritizing work, as they divide large initiatives into smaller, more manageable tasks.

However, preparing these epics and stories can be a time-consuming task. Epicmatic aims to make this process easier by incorporating artificial intelligence into the process.

With the support of AI, users can create epics and stories more efficiently, allowing teams to focus on delivering value in an incremental and iterative way.

The tool promises to provide greater flexibility and adaptability in the face of changing requirements and priorities. Epicmatic's user interface features a blue robot sitting at a desk in front of a computer, evoking the idea of an AI assistant helping users with their tasks.

The tool is free to use and encourages users to start creating their epics with the support of AI. Epicmatic's minimalist website also offers several navigation options, including pricing, FAQs, terms, privacy policy, contact, and imprint.

Overall, Epicmatic is a valuable tool that simplifies the process of preparing epics and user stories, providing a streamlined approach to project management.


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Epicmatic was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 27th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Prepares agile epics efficiently
Streamlines user stories creation
Supports incremental and iterative approach
Enhances flexibility and adaptability
Saves time in preparation
Minimalist interface
Free to use
Robot assistant for tasks
Multiple navigation options
Simplifies project management process


Unclear pricing structure
No mentioned integrations
No mobile responsiveness
Lacks advanced customization
Unspecified data privacy details
Minimalist website lacks information
Unclear timestamp history tracking
Limited user interface elements


What is Epicmatic?
How does Epicmatic use AI to prepare agile epics and user stories?
Why does Epicmatic use a blue robot in its interface?
Is Epicmatic free to use?
How does Epicmatic help in project management?
What are the main navigation options on the Epicmatic website?
How can I start using Epicmatic to create my epics and stories?
What does the 'Be epic - work smart with the help of AI' slogan on the Epicmatic site mean?
What are the benefits of using Epicmatic over traditional methods of preparing epics and user stories?
How does Epicmatic provide flexibility and adaptability in changing requirements?
What does it mean to deliver value in a more incremental and iterative way?
How does Epicmatic save time in the process of preparing epics and user stories?
What is the purpose of the 'start now - it's free' option on the Epicmatic page?
What are the terms of use of Epicmatic?
Does Epicmatic have a privacy policy?
How can I contact the Epicmatic team?
What is the meaning behind Epics dividing large initiatives into smaller tasks?
Are there any prerequisites to use Epicmatic?
What is the benefit of the minimalist design of the Epicmatic website?
What devices can I use Epicmatic on?

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