Customer feedback 2024-02-20
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Spokk is a user-friendly application dedicated to aiding businesses with customer feedback management. Leveraging AI technology, it enables businesses to collect and manage their client feedback conveniently and efficiently.

Spokk offers a unique feature where private feedback can be transformed into public reviews, which are AI generated. This functionality provides an opportunity for businesses to increase their public visibility and attract more customers.

The platform also allows businesses to promptly respond to the feedback received, facilitating stronger and more connected customer relationships. Spokk also facilitates emotive customer conversations with its valuable feature of two-way messaging system.

A feature of particular note is the platform's commitment to completing the feedback loop, converting negative experiences into positive ones by replying to customer feedback and sharing offers like coupon codes.

This mechanism can increase customer loyalty and help retain more customers. Additionally, Spokk allows for easy collection and export of essential contact information.

As such, Spokk emerges as a versatile tool serving as a potentially indispensable aid for any business seeking to optimize customer feedback and retention.


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Spokk was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 16th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


User-friendly interface
Efficient feedback management
Transforms private feedback to public
Facilitates prompt response to feedback
Enhances public review engagement
Completes feedback loop mechanism
Offers two-way messaging
Incentivizing coupon offers feature
Expedient contact information collection
Enables easy export of contacts
Aids in customer retention
Fosters stronger customer relationships
Automated Google review generation
Instant reply back and forth
Collects and exports essential contacts
Enhances visibility through reviews
Automated feedback transformation


No direct integration with platforms
Limited customization capabilities
Suitability for all business types unclear
No video/photo feedback
Feedback transformation not optional
No multilingual support mentioned
Reply options may lack flexibility
No automatic coupon generation
Lacks detailed user analytics
No API or SDK mentioned


What is the main functionality of Spokk?
How does Spokk collect customer feedback?
In which way does Spokk enable businesses to transform private feedback into public reviews?
How can Spokk increase a business's public visibility?
Can businesses directly respond to the feedback received on Spokk?
What is the two-way messaging feature of Spokk?
How does Spokk help in completing the customer feedback loop?
In what way can Spokk help businesses convert negative experiences into positive ones?
How does Spokk facilitate the sharing of offers and coupon codes with customers?
How does Spokk help in increasing customer loyalty and retention?
How does Spokk aid in the collection and export of essential contact information?
Is Spokk considered user-friendly?
Can Spokk's features cater to the needs of any business?
How does Spokk help get more Google reviews for a business?
Does Spokk offer a free trial period?
What additional business benefits does Spokk provide?
Can customers copy and paste AI generated reviews on public review platforms using Spokk?
Can Spokk automatically send out coupon codes?
What is the origin story behind developing Spokk?
Can the Spokk app be integrated within business operations?

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