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Transforming customer feedback into intelligence.
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Idiomatic is a cutting-edge customer intelligence platform utilizing artificial intelligence to analyze customer feedback and turn it into a comprehensive voice of the customer image.

The platform identifies customer pain points, drivers, and sentiment across various contact sources. It specifically assists customer support, customer experience, and product teams in leveraging existing user feedback effectively to improve product, service, or operational developments.

Idiomatic's primary aim is to uncover the 'why' behind customer feedback with advanced AI tailored to your business. This eliminates dependence on general text analytics and manual analysis.

The platform uses AI to analyze all types of customer feedback across various data sources, including customer support, customer surveys, app reviews, social media, forums, and product reviews.

Core features of the platform include custom data labels organized in easy-to-understand categories, AI-generated ticket group summaries, custom sentiment analysis models, and ability to create and track different user segments.

Other features include automated routing and escalating support tickets based on the issue, the ability to build, schedule, and share custom reports on customer issues, and calculating fully-loaded cost per ticket per help desk channel, customer segment, and customer issue.

These features aid businesses in streamlining support operations, decreasing costs, and improving product satisfaction.


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Idiomatic was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 13th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Analyzes various contact sources
Assists customer support teams
Improves customer experience
Deeper product understanding
Leverages existing user feedback
Unveils reasoning behind feedback
Analyzes customer feedback types
Includes customer support data
Includes customer survey data
Includes app review data
Includes social media data
Includes forum and product review data
Custom data labels
Custom sentiment analysis
Tracks user segments
Automated ticket routing
Automated ticket escalation
Custom report building
Scheduled report sharing
Cost per ticket calculation
Streamlines support operations
Decreases costs
Improves product satisfaction
Customizable data labels
Channel-specific sentiment analysis
User segment creation
User segment tracking
Automated support tickets triage
Customizable reports
Help desk channel cost analysis
Customer segment cost analysis
Customer issue cost analysis
Support costs minimization
Customizable labels per customer
Analyzes any form of feedback
Manages structured data
Implementation within weeks
Low costs compared to headcount
Precise and accurate labels
Data security priority
Third-party data safety attestation
Handles customer size and type data
Handles customer purchase history data
Handles customer location data
Handles customer channel data
Handles NPS rating data
Custom labels from raw feedback


No API integration mentioned
No multilingual support specified
Label customization may cause inconsistencies
Cost per ticket calculation might not be accurate
Implementation time unclear
May disregard important general text analytics
No platform compatibility info
Not specified if real-time analysis performed
Data privacy and security unclear


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What is the role of AI in the functionality of Idiomatic?
What are the core features of Idiomatic?
How does Idiomatic help with sentiment analysis?
What kind of custom reports can I generate with Idiomatic?
How does Idiomatic calculate the cost per ticket?
Can Idiomatic automate ticket routing and escalation?
How does Idiomatic use AI to enhance customer feedback?
Does Idiomatic have custom data labels?
How is customer feedback transformed into intelligence by Idiomatic?
How can Idiomatic help improve product satisfaction?
Does Idiomatic have any functions aimed at decreasing costs?
What types of customer feedback can Idiomatic analyze?
How does Idiomatic aid in operational developments?

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