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Make customer feedback visible and actionable.
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Feedback Rivers is a comprehensive feedback aggregator tool that simplifies the process of collecting, understanding, and acting on customer feedback. The tool allows you to combine feedback from various sources into a single platform where it can be easily accessed, facilitating the task of understanding customer needs and expectations.

The service easily integrates with a variety of commonly used tools such as App Store, Play Store, G2, Hotjar, Intercom, Zendesk, Typeform, Canny, Drift, Capterra, and Trustpilot amongst others, requiring no additional coding skills or technical knowledge.

Feedback is also forwarded to Slack channels thereby making it visible and transparent to your team. Feedback Rivers is designed with a focus on enhancing customer-centric habits and making the process of going through feedback intuitive and straightforward.

AI-powered insights assist in comprehending customer sentiments, tracking product performance over time and understanding areas for product improvement.


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Pros and Cons


Feedback aggregation
Integrative with common tools
No coding skills required
Feedback forwarded to Slack
Customer-centric focus
Intuitive feedback process
Product performance tracking
Multichannel feedback collection
G2 Feedback
Feedback visibility
Easy-to-access single platform
Logical grouping of feedback
Feedback analysis support
Product improvement suggestions
Free trial availability
Convenient Slack channels
Enhanced customer understanding
Efficient feedback collection
Efficient feedback analysis
Feedback browsing facilitated
Powerful software integrations
Time saver
Customer needs comprehension
Integration with NPS tools
Integration with user feedback tools
Integration with review aggregators
Integration with survey tools
Integration with App reviews
System of record
Feedback transparency
Product performance improvement insights
No technical knowledge needed
Localized feedback
Enhances feedback visibility
Enhances transparency in team
Easy-to-digest feedback format
Comprehensive customer insights
Supports customer listening habit
Act-on-feedback feature
Sign up convenience
Quick setup
Offers actionable insights
Aids product and CX improvement
Uncover product improvement areas


Limited to Slack integrations
No apparent customisation options
No multi-language support mentioned
No dedicated mobile application
May require many tool integrations
No explicit data security measures
No offline access listed
No specific industry specialisation
Potential information overload in Slack


What is Feedback Rivers?
How does Feedback Rivers work?
How can I integrate Feedback Rivers with my existing tools?
Can Feedback Rivers work with G2, Hotjar, Intercom, and other services?
Why should I use Feedback Rivers for feedback aggregation?
What specific AI-powered insights does Feedback Rivers provide?
How can Feedback Rivers help me improve customer experience?
How does Feedback Rivers facilitate multi-channel feedback collection?
Can Feedback Rivers forward the feedback to Slack channels?
Does Feedback Rivers require any coding skills or technical knowledge for integration?
What is the process to start using Feedback Rivers?
How does Feedback Rivers assist in tracking product performance?
Is Feedback Rivers accessible for all members of my team?
How can I interpret the feedback I receive with Feedback Rivers?
What platforms does Feedback Rivers aggregate feedback from?
How can Feedback Rivers help in understanding customer needs and expectations?
What is the cost of using Feedback Rivers?
How does Feedback Rivers make customer feedback actionable?
Can the feedback data be easily accessed on Feedback Rivers platform?
Do I need a credit card to try the Feedback Rivers free trial?

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