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ByJonny Deates
Creating feature stories for your products.
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Sample prompts:
A back button to the home page
A hamburger menu for mobile
An animation for transitioning between pages
A card for the users profile
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Product Manager GPT is a sophisticated AI tool programmed to assist users in the creation of feature stories for their products. It's built on top of ChatGPT, allowing users to interact and communicate with the tool effectively.

This GPT enables users to structure and strategize product stories with the objective of showcasing product features clearly and compellingly.The tool offers valuable assistance, especially for product managers, marketers, and entrepreneur who frequently need to frame product narratives.

It helps to paint the right picture of the product's unique selling points by putting its features in the context of user-friendly narratives.To interact with the Product Manager GPT, users need to have the ChatGPT Plus.

Upon logging in, the tool greets with a welcome message and offers prompt starters. These prompt starters act as an initial source of inspiration to kick start the narrative building process.

They include interactive UI elements, for example, a back button to the home page, a hamburger menu for mobile, an animation for transitioning between pages, and a card for the user's profile.To summarize, Product Manager GPT is an AI tool that aids in developing product feature stories.

With the use of narrative and storytelling, it assists in clearly and compellingly showcasing product specifications to potential customers, thereby aiding in product promotion and marketing.


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