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Strategic partner for product people.
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Sample prompts:
Crie um PRD
Quais métricas eu devo olhar no meu produto?
Me ajude a estruturar uma reunião para mostrar a estratégia do meu produto.
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Product Mentor - PM3 is a GPT that provides strategic support for product people. It leverages the capabilities of ChatGPT platform to engage, assist, and guide users in different aspects of product management.

After signing up, users can chat with this GPT, getting the needed assistance in their product management journey. This GPT's interface positions itself as an ally for its users, ready to help with a range of tasks that product managers typically encounter.

Users can direct inquiries on various topics such as creating a Product Requirement Document (PRD), identifying product-relevant metrics to study, or structuring meetings to present a product strategy.

Product Mentor - PM3 aims to introduce insight and efficiency into users' product-centric tasks, thereby enhancing their product management processes.

However, usage of this GPT requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription. In its interaction with clients, Product Mentor - PM3 strives to be a dependable mentoring tool.

Once again, this tool serves as a strategic partner armed with a 'product mind', ready to streamline, support, and sophisticate users' product handling efforts.


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