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ByScribe Services Ltd.
A product scenario simulator for Senior Product Managers
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Daily Senior PM Coach is a GPT designed to assist Senior Product Managers in enhancing their product decision-making abilities. Created by Scribe Services Ltd., the tool primarily functions as a product scenario simulator.

With this GPT, users can practice and refine their skills in different aspects of product management by interacting with a variety of simulated scenarios.

The GPT provides a set of prompt starters such as 'Start Quiz,' 'Quiz me specifically on product strategy,' 'Quiz me specifically on product storytelling,' or 'Quiz me specifically on impact mapping' to instruct the AI on the area of product management the user wants to be quizzed on.

This makes the tool highly versatile and adaptable, allowing users to focus on specific areas of interest or areas where they need more practice and improvement.

It is important to note that this tool requires ChatGPT Plus, a sign of its robust features and sophisticated functionalities. It provides an interactive, engaging, and efficient way for Senior Product Managers to train and enhance their decision-making skills.


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Daily Senior PM Coach was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 28th 2023.
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