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Your product mentorship companion.
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Sample prompts:
What is a product and what is a good product?
How to launch a product?
What qualities does a good product manager need?
How to improve product thinking for general product managers?
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Product Tutor is a GPT designed to provide guidance and mentorship in product management. It operates on top of OpenAI's language model, ChatGPT, and serves as an interactive tool to discuss vital aspects of product management.

The GPT aims to answer various queries related to product development and management stages. It provides users with prompt starters such as 'What is a product and what is a good product?', 'How to launch a product?', and 'What qualities does a good product manager need?', indicating that it can assist in understanding the basics of product management, processes of product launches, and the qualities needed for efficient product management.The tool positions itself as a mentorship companion, demonstrating its intent to guide users through the complex landscape of product management.

Additionally, it offers insights on how to enhance product thinking for general product managers, indicating that it could be particularly beneficial for individuals in product management roles looking to sharpen their skills and knowledge.The Product Tutor aims to create a dynamic, user-friendly learning environment where individuals can seek answers to their product management-related questions.

Given it operates on top of ChatGPT, a subscription to ChatGPT Plus might be necessary for accessing its full capabilities. The tool requires users to sign up to engage in interactive dialogues, thus indicating that it provides tailor-made responses to individual queries.

With its focus on product management, the tool serves to fill a significant educational gap in the journey of budding and established product managers.


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