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ByMark Opanasiuk
Your adviser for product management, fostering growth
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Sample prompts:
How to grow retention in my product?
What's the best way to prioritize product features?
Can you suggest a product strategy for market entry?
How can I progress in my career as a product manager?
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Product Market Fat is a GPT designed to provide advice and guidance in the sphere of product management. It works as a virtual consultant to help individuals and organizations challenge existing norms, as well as stimulate growth within their respective markets.

The purpose of this GPT is to help users elevate their product management strategies. It offers the ability to discuss a range of topics, from growth retention strategies, prioritization of product features, to suggestions for product strategy for market entry.

Additionally, users looking for career progression advice in the capacity of a product manager can gain insights from this GPT. Essentially, Product Market Fat serves as an interactive tool that aids users in making informed decisions regarding product development and management.

It operates via conversation starters and prompt mechanisms, thus fostering an engaging interaction. Access to the GPT falls under the ChatGPT Plus category of services.

As an enhancement to the base ChatGPT, it functions by deploying AI techniques to engage in purposeful dialogue with users, offering them the needed guidance in product management.


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