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Providing specific, tactical product management advice.
GPT welcome message: Hello, ready to dive into tactical product management advice!
Sample prompts:
How can I improve user retention?
What's a good roadmap template?
Tactics for better team collaboration?
Strategies for a product launch?
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Super Practical PM GPT is an artificial intelligence tool designed to provide specialized, tactical advice on product management. This GPT is characterized by its ability to dispense practical guidance complemented by case-by-case examples and templates.

From helping to improve user retention to suggesting strategies for product launches, this tool offers interactive solutions tailored to various aspects of product management.

For those looking for guidance in team collaboration, specific roadmap templates, or other product management related queries, this GPT could serve as an invaluable resource.

It's intended to be integrated into the workflow to assist product management professionals or those related to the field for seamless execution of strategies.

To access its services, it requires signing up with ChatGPT Plus. As an added feature, the GPT provides a welcome message upon every interaction which reiterates its capacity to deliver tactical product management advice.

The Super Practical PM GPT, therefore, threads the line between an advisory tool and a interactive platform, providing specificity in its responses and setting a focused direction for your product management needs.


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