Product management 2023-10-17
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ByStuart Jones
A GPT designed for the Product Management community.
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Sample prompts:
What are some examples of priortisation frameworks?
How do I write user stories?
How do I pull together a product strategy?
How do I calculate 'Cost of delay'?
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Product Insider is a GPT developed specifically for the Product Management community. This GPT is modeled on ChatGPT's architecture and designed with the purpose of assisting product managers in their professional tasks.

By offering salient prompts, it guides users to answer essential industry-based questions. These prompts can aid in structuring product strategies, framing user stories, calculating cost of delay and determining prioritization frameworks amongst others.

It essentially functions as a resourceful aid for product managers, offering insight and guidance based on a wide range of queries. It requires ChatGPT Plus to deliver these services.


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Product Insider was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 5th 2024.
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