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ByYu Hou
Your assistant for Chinese product management knowledge.
GPT welcome message: 您好,我是中国产品经理知识库助手。
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PM Copilot is a GPT that stands to act as a knowledge base assistant for Chinese Product Managers. The GPT utilizes the advanced conversational abilities of ChatGPT to offer insights, answer inquiries, and assist product managers in their work, specifically within the Chinese market context.

The GPT is designed to engage in discussions on various product management philosophies, models, demands, and methods, directly referencing respected thought-leaders in the field.

PM Copilot can provide stimulus on product management viewpoints from renowned publications and revered product figures such as the 'Behind the Scenes Product,' 'Yu Jun's Product Methodology,' 'WeChat Behind the Product View' by Zhang Xiaolong, and 'Wang Huiwen Tsinghua Product Course.' Furthermore, the GPT has the capacity to formulate inquiries intended to prompt deeper contemplation and create insightful discussions on product management within the Chinese context.

Notably, PM Copilot's effectiveness lies in its interactivity, its aptitude for focused discourse, and its broad base of pre-established prompts, making it a valuable tool for product managers.

However, the operation of this GPT requires ChatGPT Plus. The PM Copilot GPT is a versatile assistant that allows the user to explore various product management themes while fostering an environment which encourages independent thinking and creative problem solving.


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PM Copilot was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 8th 2024.
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