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ByZeju Li
Provokes critical thinking about your product ideas.
GPT welcome message: How can I assist you with your product idea today?
Sample prompts:
I have an idea about xxx, how do you think?
Assess the commercial potential of this idea.
Analyze market size for this product.
Evaluate the competition for our idea.
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Reflection of Creative Ideas is a GPT that uses the 'Rubber Duck Debugging' method to stimulate critical thinking about product ideas. It's primarily aimed at helping users refine their product concepts and enhance their creative thinking.

The name 'Rubber Duck Debugging' is a reference to a method in software engineering where developers would explain their code to a rubber duck in an effort to find errors or improve the code.

This GPT is designed to offer similar functionality but within the realm of product management.Once you initiate a conversation with this GPT, you are welcomed with a prompt: 'How can I assist you with your product idea today?'.

It provides 'Prompt Starters' like 'I have an idea about XXX, what do you think?', 'Assess the commercial potential of this idea.', 'Analyze market size for this product.' and 'Evaluate the competition for our idea.' to guide the user's interaction.

By interacting with this GPT, users have the opportunity to scrutinize their product ideas more thoroughly, consider various business aspects such as commercial potential, market size, and competition.

The deep learning model behind this GPT helps in raising questions and uncovering insights that might be overlooked otherwise. This makes it a valuable tool for product managers, entrepreneurs, or anyone working on product ideas, whether it's for an early-stage startup or an existing product undergoing improvement.

Users are required to sign up and participate actively with the GPT to fully benefit from its functionalities.


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