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Automated task management for developers
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Smol Developer is an AI tool that functions as a personal developer, powered by the Smol AI Developer agent. With just a single click, users can access their own AI developer and delegate tasks to it by providing instructions.

The AI agent then performs the assigned work on behalf of the user. This tool runs on E2B, which suggests that it is compatible with the E2B platform.

Users can also find the Smol Developer on GitHub, where they have the option to star it for future reference or engagement.The Smol Developer leverages the Smol AI's agent, known as smol-ai/developer, to execute tasks efficiently.

Although the exact number of stars received on GitHub is not provided to avoid referencing specific metrics, it implies that the tool has gained a notable level of popularity and attention within the developer community.To learn more about the Smol Developer, users can follow the link provided to access additional information on GitHub.

An app screenshot is also included in the description, which can give users a visual representation of what to expect from this tool. In summary, the Smol Developer is an AI-powered personal developer tool that automates tasks based on provided instructions, making development processes more streamlined and efficient.


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Smol Developer was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 10th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Single click function
Automates developer tasks
Runs on E2B
Available on GitHub
Star option on GitHub
Executes tasks efficiently
Link provided information
App screenshot available
Provides streamlined processes


Single platform compatibility
Depends on user instructions
Agent-based execution
No support for multi-agents
GitHub interaction required
No specific metrics
No offline support
Single click operation limit
No API integration


What is Smol Developer?
How do I get my own Smol Developer?
What tasks can Smol Developer perform?
Which platform does Smol Developer run on?
What functions does Smol AI Developer agent perform?
How can I delegate tasks to Smol Developer?
What are the benefits of using Smol Developer for my coding projects?
How reliable and efficient is the Smol AI Developer agent?
In which development community has Smol Developer gained popularity?
How can I gain more information about Smol Developer?
Where can I find Smol Developer on GitHub?
What happens when I 'star' Smol Developer on GitHub?
How can I continue with GitHub to use Smol Developer?
What specifics instructions does Smol Developer need to execute tasks?
What tasks are still manual when using Smol Developer?
Does Smol Developer require specific coding languages?
Does Smol Developer work with my existing development tools?
What is the level of customizability in Smol Developer?
Can Smol Developer assist with debugging?
Is there a tutorial or user manual for new Smol Developer users?

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