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Product dev & ops analytics business partner.
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Inari is an AI copilot tool designed to assist businesses in various areas such as product, operations, and analytics. It aims to save time by providing a ChatGPT-like assistant that is connected to your applications and tailored to your workflows.

One of Inari's key features is its ability to pull in relevant context from your applications and utilize powerful language models like OpenAI's GPT-4 to draft common startup documents and complete operating tasks with high quality and efficiency.

It aims to address the challenge faced by operators in startups and tech companies, who spend a significant amount of time searching for information and summarizing it for stakeholders in various communication formats such as status updates, requirement documents, and launch plans.To achieve this, Inari offers a co-pilot app with a design interface for operators to query, analyze, and complete work.

It also integrates securely with different work applications, enabling semantic and keyword searches across these apps to provide context. Inari's agents provide workflows for language models to complete user tasks, and it securely connects to work applications like Google Docs and Notion.Additionally, Inari allows users to discover insights by searching for context across different applications, connecting siloed knowledge and making it accessible while completing work.

It generates answers and references the sources it retrieves from, enabling users to draft weekly business reviews, search for data across applications using natural language, and ground the responses based on internal knowledge.Inari also offers a feature called agents, which are pre-defined workflows or templates that improve the quality of responses from language models and save time on tasks.

Users can also create their own agents, refine prompts, and share them with their team.


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Inari was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 6th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Saves time on tasks
Provides ChatGPT-like assistant
Tailored to your workflows
Pulls context from applications
Drafts common startup documents
Completes operating tasks efficiently
Offers co-pilot app
Secure integration with work applications
Enables semantic and keyword searches
Workflows for language models
Connects to Google Docs, Notion
Discovers insights across applications
Connects siloed knowledge
Generates referenced responses
Drafts business reviews
Searches data using natural language
Grounds responses on internal knowledge
Pre-defined workflows (agents)
Allows users to create agents
Refine prompts option
Share prompts with team
Secures connection to work applications
Semantic understanding of queries
Access previously inaccessible insights
Quality improvement of LLM responses
Curation of prompts and workflows
Direct access to agent workflows
Less manual copy-pasting
Create and add customized agents


Limited application integrations
Potential security concerns
Dependent on GPT-4 updates
No mobile support
Limited customization of workflows
Learning curve for operators
Efficiency depends on user input
Limited search functionality
Possible irrelevant context pulling


What is Inari?
What is the main purpose of Inari?
What is a unique feature of Inari and how does it help businesses?
How does Inari connect with my business applications?
What exactly is the Inari's copilot app?
Can Inari integrate with any work application?
How does Inari's semantic and keyword searches work?
What are Inari's agents and how are they used?
How can I create my own agents in Inari?
Does Inari store my searches and suggestions?
How can Inari help in improving my teams efficiency?
What kind of documents can Inari help draft for start-ups?
How came Inari guarantee the security of my business's data?
Does Inari have a demo that I can try before subscribing?
Who backs Inari and has it received any recognitions?
Can Inari improve my business's analytics operations?
Are there different types of pre-defined workflows in Inari?
How does Inari's natural language search work?
Does Inari provide any type of support or customer service?
How can I contact the team at Inari if I have more questions or issues?

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