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Enhanced e-commerce image design and editing.
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RocketAI is a SaaS platform that uses AI to improve product images and generate new design concepts for e-commerce businesses. It makes it possible for businesses to enhance their product images with backgrounds and context that increase conversion in seconds.

RocketAI provides a user-friendly web interface to create and edit personalised product images, generate product variations in new colors, styles and sizes, and improve image angles, lighting and settings to boost marketing and sales conversion.

The platform offers two plans – Standard and Enterprise – depending on the requirements of the e-commerce business. Standard plan allows up to 25 custom models using product images, while the Enterprise plan enables models to be fine-tuned without limits and provides multiple users with support included.

With RocketAI, businesses can leverage AI to save hours of research and design time and supercharge their creative tasks.


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Pros and Cons


Enhanced e-commerce image design
Generates new design concepts
Enhances product images with backgrounds
Increases conversion rates
User-friendly web interface
Generates product variations
Improves image angles, lighting, settings
Offers Standard and Enterprise plans
Enables unlimited fine-tuning with Enterprise plan
Support included in Enterprise plan
Possible to have multiple users
Saves hours of research and design time
Offers models fine-tuned without limits
Can supercharge creative tasks
Allows up to 25 custom models
Boosts marketing and sales conversion
Provides personalized product images
Improves e-commerce sales, advertising performance
Helps building converting backgrounds
Visualizes products in different styles, colors, shapes
Allows thousands of images to be generated
Text-to-image model available
Standard plan includes access to beta
Enterprise plan includes access to beta
Offers consultation and sales team support
Provides image quality improvement


Limited models in standard plan
Single user in standard plan
Doesn't specify image size limitations
Lacks mobile application
Potential privacy concerns
Limited generation in standard plan
No offline capabilities
Unclear data storage policies
No mention of multi-language support
No free trial period


What is Rocket AI?
How does Rocket AI enhance e-commerce image design and editing?
What are the key features of Rocket AI?
How does Rocket AI's web interface work?
What are the benefits of using Rocket AI for e-commerce businesses?
What is the difference between Rocket AI's Standard and Enterprise plans?
How can I use Rocket AI to create product variations?
How does Rocket AI aid in improving image angles and settings?
In what ways can Rocket AI support my creative tasks?
What makes Rocket AI a 'graphic design co-pilot'?
How does Rocket AI's 'programmable design' work?
How can Rocket AI increase my sales and advertising performance?
Can I use Rocket AI to edit image backgrounds?
Does Rocket AI provide support for multiple users?
Can I request a demo for Rocket AI?
What is the process for training a custom text-to-image model on Rocket AI?
Does Rocket AI allow model fine tuning without limits?
What are the requirements for using Rocket AI's Standard plan?
What added benefits do I get with Rocket AI's Enterprise plan?
How can I get in touch with Rocket AI's sales team?

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