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Curated images for project design.
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Pebblely is an AI-based image curation platform designed to help users find the right images for their projects. It offers a comprehensive library of images, all of which have been hand-selected by a team of experts.

The platform also provides an automated search tool, allowing users to quickly find images that match their criteria. Additionally, users can sign up for a free account, which allows them to access up to 40 free images.

With Pebblely, users can easily find the perfect image for their design project, without the need to spend hours searching through hundreds of images.

The platform also offers a personalized dashboard, providing users with insights into their searches, making it easier to find the images they're looking for.


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Pebblely was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 1st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Curated image library
Automated search tool
40 free images
Personalized dashboard
Insights into searches
Hand-selected images
Easy image finding
Time-saving platform
Offers expert curation
User-friendly interface
Free account sign-up
Accessible image resources
Comprehensive library
Design project suitability
Rapid image identification


Limited to curated images only
No advanced search filters
No multi-language support
No social sharing feature
Lacks collaborations tools
No offline use
Limited free account
Relies heavily on personalization
No video or audio support
Not accessible on all devices


What is Pebblely?
How does Pebblely work?
What is the main function of Pebblely?
How can I search for images on Pebblely?
What criteria can I use to search for images on Pebblely?
How are the images on Pebblely curated?
What is the quality of images on Pebblely?
Can I get free images from Pebblely?
How many free images can I get when I sign up on Pebblely?
What is the benefit of signing up for Pebblely?
How do I sign up for Pebblely?
Does Pebblely have a personalized dashboard feature?
What insights does the Pebblely dashboard provide?
How can Pebblely help me save time when looking for images?
Does Pebblely's AI search tool have any special features?
Can I have a business account on Pebblely?
What kind of projects can Pebblely help me with?
Is Pebblely effective in image search for my design project?
Can Pebblely handle large volume image searches?
Are there any limitations on using the images from Pebblely?

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