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GEES is an all-in-one artificial intelligence (AI) design platform that aims to streamline the design process from idea to product development. The platform integrates various aspects of design work including UI/UX design, prototyping, graphic design, and whiteboards to offer a unified solution.

GEES facilitates real-time viewing and editing in different modes catering to different roles; designers may work in edit mode while marketing managers might use whiteboard mode for providing feedback.

This platform introduces an AI Assistant, designed to simplify design tasks by generating components and drafts. The system offers customizable workflows by integrating AI blocks, these function modules embedded with various AI capabilities can be assembled freely to craft AI workflows for complex tasks.

From planning and design to prototyping and handoff, GEES aims to deliver an end-to-end solution, while eliminating the need to switch between different tools.

The handoff mode even allows developers to easily access necessary information. GEES supports popular design file formats for import and offers robust security features including offline saving and record tracking.

Intent on making design easier, smarter, and more accurate, the platform continues to develop new capabilities to better meet user needs.


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Pros and Cons


All-in-one design platform
Real-time collaboration
UI/UX prototyping
Graphic design capability
Integrates whiteboards
Role-specific workflow modes
Workflow customization
End-to-end design solution
Supports popular design files
Robust security features
Offline saving
History tracking
Eliminates tool-switching
Easy access for developers
Continual capability development
Automated component generation
Support comprehensive editing
Code-free prototype creation
Visible and shareable vision
Single file for all works
Automatic saving


No mobile access
No explicit collaboration features
Limited modes for roles
Limited file format export
No individually tailored offerings
No multi-language support
Learning curve for novices
Limited third-party integrations


What is GEES?
What unique features does GEES offer?
What different modes does GEES support for viewing and editing?
What tasks can the AI Assistant in GEES help with?
How can GEES streamline my design process?
What kind of design workflows can be customized in GEES?
How does GEES eliminate the need to switch between different tools?
What information can developers access in the handoff mode of GEES?
What popular design file formats does GEES support for import?
What types of security features does GEES provide?
How does GEES's offline saving feature work?
Can GEES track my record?
How does GEES aim to make design easier and more accurate?
What is GEES's approach to real-time collaboration?
How can marketing managers use GEES's whiteboard mode for feedback?
How do the AI blocks in GEES work?
What kind of complex tasks can GEES's customizable workflows handle?
What capabilities are GEES continuing to develop?
How does GEES facilitate the transition from design to product development?
Can GEES generate components and drafts automatically?

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