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Get instant, actionable feedback on your landing page.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-driven tool that provides swift and actionable feedback on product designs. This platform is useful for both individual users and teams who are interested in obtaining detailed insights for improving their design.

The tool's core feature is the Roast Report, a comprehensive review of a design, based on criteria such as design foundations, visual hierarchy, layout and spacing, typography, color theory, depth, design assets, and details.

Users can 'roast' or critique their designs by purchasing roast credits in different packs, each catered to varying scale of projects, from small to entire portfolios.

The bought credits allow users to obtain instant feedback, enabling continuous improvements without dependency on external inputs. Made by Tim Wheeler, aims to smoothen and expedite the design improvement process, assisting designers or stakeholders to realize optimal designs.

Please note that actual prices and pack details may vary.


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Pros and Cons


Swift actionable feedback
Useful for individuals and teams
Detailed design insights
Roast Report comprehensive review
Critiques on different design areas
Flexible roast credit packages
Term-based project suitability
Instant feedback on purchase
Continuous improvements without dependencies
Supports optimes design realization
1-click feedback functionality
Feedback on design foundations
Insights on visual hierarchy
Layout and spacing analysis
Typography and color theory notes
Evaluation of depth, assets, details
Supports small to portfolio projects
Affordable roast credit packs
Creator-supported development
Easy user interface
ProductHunt featured
Responsive support


Requires roast credits purchase
Unspecified prices
Feedback dependent on credits
No free trial mentioned
Doesn't specify design format compatibility
No collaborative features mentioned
Unclear feedback categorization
No mentioned undoing/substituting roasts
No info on credit validity
No user guide provided


What is
How does Botroast assist with design feedback?
What is the Roast Report in Botroast?
Which criteria does Botroast consider in the Roast Report?
How can users critique their designs with Botroast?
What are Roast Credits?
What are the various packs available for purchasing Roast Credits in Botroast?
How can Roast Credits help with design improvement?
Who made
Does accept external inputs?
Can Botroast be helpful for individual designers?
Is useful for team projects?
What are the design foundations used by Botroast?
How does define visual hierarchy?
Does Botroast consider layout and spacing in their feedback?
What aspects of typography are reviewed by Botroast?
How does Botroast handle color theory in design?
Are depth and design assets part of Botroast's review?
What design details are considered in Botroast’s Roast Report?
What scale of projects can Botroast accommodate?

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