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Offering constructive feedback on design works.
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Sample prompts:
What design elements would you like feedback on?
Can you describe the project's objectives?
How does the design align with your brand identity?
What are your specific concerns about this layout?
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Design Advisor is a GPT that aims to provide constructive feedback on design projects. Using Design Advisor, users can optimize their design works according to the evaluations given by the AI.

It offers its users potential improvement areas in their designs, providing helpful insights to elevate their projects. Design Advisor prompts users to describe their project's objectives, inquire about the alignment of the design with the brand identity, and express their specific concerns about the layout.

Through this interaction, Design Advisor can tailor its feedback to the user's specific needs, providing a personalized experience. Users can also ask for feedback on particular design elements, allowing them to focus on areas they're unsure about or feel need improvement.

One significant feature of Design Advisor is that it requires ChatGPT Plus for functionality. This implies that users will need a subscription to ChatGPT Plus to access the advisory services that Design Advisor provides.

In summary, Design Advisor is a GPT that serves as a digital consultant, offering users detailed feedback and advice on their design projects. Whether you're working on a brand identity, a website layout, or a graphic design piece, Design Advisor is designed to enhance your design work by providing constructive, AI-driven insights.


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