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Customize landing pages with pre-designed components.
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Rapidpages is an AI tool designed to help users quickly build and ship their projects, specifically React & Tailwind landing pages. It offers a selection of beautifully designed components that are fully customizable and written using React, Tailwind, and Typescript.

Users can choose the desired components, make customizations using an AI assistant called Rapidcoder, and easily export the code when they are finished.For those who are not designers, Rapidpages provides pre-designed components and the Rapidcoder AI assistant to create visually appealing websites without the need for extensive design skills.

If users require more significant changes, they can switch to the code editor for further customization.Rapidpages also offers free hosting with a unique subdomain for each page created on the platform, allowing users to easily share the pages they have built.In terms of pricing, Rapidpages follows a developer-friendly approach.

There are no monthly subscriptions or platform lock-ins; users only pay for the features they need. The tool offers different plans, such as a free Hobby plan and an Entrepreneur plan, which includes additional features like a custom logo design service, access to premium templates, and dedicated support channels.Overall, Rapidpages aims to facilitate fast and efficient website development, catering to both beginner and experienced users, with a focus on React & Tailwind landing pages.

Rapidpages was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 23rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


React & Tailwind focus
Pre-designed customizable components
Code export function
In-built code editor
Free hosting with unique subdomains
No monthly subscriptions
Pay-as-you-go feature pricing
Developer-friendly pricing approach
Free Hobby plan
Additional features in premium plans
Custom logo design service
Access to premium templates
Dedicated support channels
Suitable for beginners and experienced users
Fast project shipping capability
No platform lock-in
Beautifully designed components
Typescript support
Each page gets own subdomain
Platform for sharing created pages
Extensive customization potential


Only supports React & Tailwind
No monthly subscriptions
Costs per project/features
Limited to Rapidcoder credits
Requires design skills for major changes
No own domain hosting
Typescript knowledge required
Limited free plan
No full code access
Locked to platform specific styles


What are the main features of Rapidpages?
Can I customize components in Rapidpages?
What is Rapidcoder and how does it assist in website building?
Can I export the code of my project from Rapidpages?
How can I host my landing pages with Rapidpages?
What are the design skills required to use Rapidpages?
If I am not a designer, how can Rapidpages help me?
Which programming languages are used in the components of Rapidpages?
How can I turn to code editing in Rapidpages if necessary?
What are the pricing plans available for Rapidpages?
Do I have to subscribe monthly to Rapidpages?
What are the special features in the Entrepreneur plan of Rapidpages?
Can I have access to premium templates with Rapidpages' Entrepreneur plan?
Is there any feature lock-in in Rapidpages?
What is the process to share the pages I build with others?
Is there a free plan available for new starters in Rapidpages?
What additional value do I get with Rapidpages' Entrepreneur plan?
Can Rapidpages help in designing custom logos for my project?
How many Rapidcoder credits do I get in each plan of Rapidpages?
What types of users is Rapidpages suitable for?

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