Landing pages 02 Mar 2023
Auto-gen & multi-testing for better page conversion.

Generated by ChatGPT is an AI tool that helps businesses generate landing pages optimized for higher conversion rates. It combines AI-generated content, multivariate testing, and traffic segmentation of visitor experiences to display the best possible landing page for each visitor, thus improving conversions.

The tool uses AI to analyze the landing page and optimize it with various versions created using generative models to improve the content and user experience.

This boosts the conversion rate, Google score, and Facebook quality score. The AI-powered optimizer also tests multiple versions of landing pages to identify the combination of parameters that yields the best results.

As traffic grows, businesses can test more landing pages concurrently for further optimization.Traffic segmentation ensures the right landing page with the most relevant content is shown to the right visitor, creating a personalized experience for each visitor and boosting the conversion rate. also offers the option to talk to its marketing experts who can provide guidance to help businesses maximize their traffic, optimize their conversion rate, and create successful landing pages.Overall, is a useful tool for businesses looking to improve their landing page conversions using AI-generated content, multivariate testing, and traffic segmentation.


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