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Build unique landing pages w/ leads & tracking.
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Uncody is a landing page builder with an easy-to-use interface that enables users to quickly build and publish landing pages. The platform offers a wide variety of pre-built UI components that have been tested for conversion, ensuring users can design their website quickly with components for every need.

Additionally, Uncody's AI-powered feature offers game-changing content and design assistance, generating professional-quality designs and copy that align perfectly with a user's brand.

Uncody also provides one-click publish functionality and incorporates custom tracking code to track essential website metrics. Sites built with Uncody are SEO-optimized with customization options.

The platform also allows users to collect leads and keep their audience engaged through Mailchimp integration and custom form integration. Uncody offers a free subscription plan as well as reasonably priced paid plans with more features like custom domains, faster page load times and support.

Overall, Uncody is an AI-powered landing page builder that simplifies website creation through pre-built components and seamless integrations, attractive pricing, and customizable design options.

The platform appeals to various user groups, including businesses and individuals with little or no design expertise or copywriting skills but still want professional-quality website designs, landing pages that convert, and lead capture.

Unicody was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 15th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Pre-built UI components
Conversion-tested components
One-click publish functionality
Custom tracking code
SEO-optimized with customization
Leads collection
Mailchimp integration
Custom form integration
Free subscription option
Paid plans for added features
Custom domains
Fast load times
Support available
Attractive pricing
No design expertise needed
No copywriting skills needed
Professional-quality design
Convert-friendly landing pages
Wide range of user appeal
Modular components
Large icon library
Adding more blocks daily
Custom blocks on request
Continuous new integrations
Free SSL Certificate
CDN Utilization
Faster page loads on Pro
Pro+ plan with Gold Support
Free and paid plans
14 landing pages on Pro+
Versatile UI blocks
Customizable SEO options
Customizable analytics


Limited to pre-built components
No manual hosting option
Reliant on Mailchimp integration
No live chat support
Limited to custom tracking code
Potential slow load times
No custom form design
One-click publish lacks control
UI not fully customizable
Doesn't mention data privacy


What is Uncody?
How does Uncody work?
Who can use Uncody?
What are some key features of Uncody?
What does Uncody's AI-powered feature do?
What is the pricing for Uncody subscriptions?
Does Uncody offer a free plan?
How does the one-click publish functionality work in Uncody?
What are the benefits of the pre-built UI components in Uncody?
Can I track my website metrics using Uncody?
Are sites created with Uncody SEO-optimized?
Does Uncody facilitate collecting leads and audience engagement?
What are some of the platforms integrated in Uncody?
How does Uncody assist in building professional-quality website designs?
Can I generate professional-quality copy using Uncody?
Is there support available for users of Uncody?
Are there any design expertise or copywriting skills required to use Uncody?
Can I customize the design of my website using Uncody?
Does Uncody have any limitations on the number of landing pages?
How can I get started with Uncody?

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