Podcast repurposing 2024-01-31
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Turn audio into text - transcripts, socials, blogs, landing pages, widgets and more... with a single click!
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Ques.ai is an AI-powered podcast assistant primarily designed for podcast teams and marketers. This tool focuses on enhancing reach and engagement by providing a multitude of features including high-quality AI-optimized content generation, and production time-saving mechanisms.

The utility is augmented by a unique feature to turn audio files into transcriptions, social media posts, blogs, and landing pages, thus aiding in reutilizing content and promoting user interaction.

With Ques.ai, users can generate custom widgets and embed them into their podcast website to engage their listeners. It also allows the generation of social media posts, YouTube descriptions, and SEO essentials for podcasting.

Additional features include an Instant Episode Landing Page Builder for sharing and embedding into a user's website or newsletters. Ques.ai also introduces an 'Outcome-as-a-service' model where the entire podcast post-production, from editing episodes to distribution and marketing, is handled by the Ques team using their AI tool, providing a fast and cost-effective alternative to hiring separate teams.

The tool's user experience is structured as a simple and easy process allowing users to connect their RSS feed or YouTube link for instant catalog indexing, generate marketing materials through automated processing and get it ready for distribution.

Widget customization does not require any coding knowledge. Through its range of features and bespoke services, Ques.ai strives to eliminate podcast promotion bottlenecks and fast-track podcast growth by creating diverse marketing assets simultaneously.

It also aids in tailoring AI to match specific niches, propelling the tool to become smarter with each episode usage.


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Feb 1, 2024
I discovered Ques recently and love the product. Really straightforward to use and saves small teams tons of time with distribution.
Feb 1, 2024
Wonderfull app to repurpose content. As a podcaster you can use your podcast to create all the content you need for all the other social media channels. That's just GREAT.
Feb 1, 2024
Being a solo creator makes it difficult to concentrate on the distribution part. QuesAI does what it says - reduces by distribution and marketing efforts by more than 80%!
Feb 1, 2024
Just loved the tool, I have been podcasting for a while now but wasn't able to focus on growth being a Solo Creator. This tool really does what it says - reduced my distribution and marketing efforts by 80%!

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Pros and Cons


Turns audio into transcriptions
Generates social media posts
Creates custom widgets
No coding knowledge required
SEO optimization service
Automated marketing material generation
Unique 'Outcome-as-a-service' model
Instant catalog indexing
Generates YouTube descriptions
Landing Page Builder for episodes
Translates audio into blogs
Aids specific niche tailoring
Optimized content generation
Time-saving mechanisms
Post-production management
Affordable podcast marketing service
RSS feed or YouTube linking
Customizable podcast website widgets
Service becomes smarter with usage
Proactive customer support
Saves 80% of production time
Flexible pricing plans
Instant Episode Landing Pages
Simple user experience
Single click content repurposing
Integration to website and newsletters
Converts audio to landing pages


Poorly structured user experience
Doesn't support video indexing
Limited widget customization
Missing multilingual support
No free plan available
Limited uploads in packages
No real-time collaboration features
SEO optimization not configurable
Outcome-as-a-service can be expensive
No dedicated mobile application


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Does Ques.ai require coding knowledge for widget customization?
How does Ques.ai promote user interaction?
Can I generate social media posts through Ques.ai?
How does Ques.ai help in SEO optimization for podcasting?
What is the Instant Episode Landing Page Builder in Ques.ai?
How does Ques.ai help to grow my podcast?
What makes Ques.ai's AI become smarter with each episode usage?
How to generate custom widgets with Ques.ai?
Is Ques.ai a cost-effective alternative to hiring separate teams?
How does Ques.ai's AI tailor to match specific niches?
Can I generate YouTube descriptions with Ques.ai?
What is the process of generating marketing materials through Ques.ai?
How does Ques.ai aid in reutilizing content?


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