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Generate color palettes for designers.
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Perception is a design intelligence platform that combines AI technology with creative expertise to assist creative professionals in making informed design decisions.

With a focus on accelerating creative expression, the tool offers research-based recommendations and AI-powered features.One of Perception's key features is the Palette Builder.

This feature enables users to get AI-powered recommendations by using simple prompts and allows them to mix and match colors with their own preferences.

Users can easily create custom color palettes and receive instant analysis to ensure they evoke the intended mood. Moreover, they can download or copy the color codes for use in their preferred design software.The Palette Dictionary is another valuable tool provided by Perception.

It allows users to explore thousands of mood-based color palettes by searching using simple words or specific colors. This organized collection of palettes enables users to easily find inspiration and integrate suitable color schemes into their designs.Additionally, the Palette Validator tool assesses existing color palette combinations against perceived moods.

By using this tool, users can ensure their color choices evoke the desired emotions and align with the intended design concept.Perception offers a limited-time opportunity to join their beta program, granting free access to the platform.

By signing up for the beta program, users can experience and utilize the AI-powered tools and features of Perception to enhance their creative workflow.Perception is a well-rounded AI tool that equips creative professionals with the necessary resources to make informed design decisions, effectively combining the science of AI with the art of design.


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