Generated color palettes for designers.

Generated by ChatGPT

Khroma is an AI-powered color tool designed for designers, allowing them to quickly find and save color combinations and palettes they love. With the help of a personalized algorithm, Khroma learns which colors users prefer and generates limitless palettes based on their preferences, all within their browser.

By selecting a set of colors, users can train the neural network algorithm to generate preferable colors and filter out those they don't like. The tool also provides an infinite number of color combinations, which users can view as typography, gradient, palette or custom image.

Khroma has learned from thousands of popular human-made palettes across the internet to produce these great combos. Users can search and filter the generator by hue, tint, value, color as well as hex and RGB values.

Additionally, users can save their favorite combinations into an unlimited library and access the color names, hexcodes, RGB values, CSS codes, and WCAG accessibility rating for each pair.

The Khroma Instagram page provides inspiration curated by and featuring the work of Lucie Bajgart. With Khroma, designers are just a few minutes away from a powerful color combination generator personalized by their preferences.

Khroma was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 30th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized algorithm
Generates limitless palettes
In-browser functionality
Neural network training
Infinite color combinations
Quick palette visualization
Views as typography
Views as gradient
Custom image view
Learned from popular palettes
Searchable by hue
Searchable by tint
Searchable by value
Searchable by color
Filter by HEX code
Filter by RGB value
Unlimited palette library
Save favorite combinations
Access color names
Access hexcodes
Access RGB values
Access CSS codes
WCAG accessibility ratings
Instant color combination generator
Palette preference learning
Filter out disliked colors
Unlimited combo reference
Hex and RGB search
Instagram inspiration page
Designer-focused tool
Rapid color discovery
User preference based
Palette saving feature


No mobile app
No offline functionality
Limited filter options
No user community
No integration with design tools
Dependent on browser performance
No color comparison feature
No built-in design templates
No tutorial or walkthrough
No light or dark mode


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How does Khroma uses human-made palettes from across the internet?
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Does Khroma provide custom image color combinations?
Can I search for specific colors on Khroma?
How do I filter the color generator on Khroma?
Can I save my favorite color combinations on Khroma?
Does Khroma provide color names, hexcodes, RGB values and CSS codes?
What is the WCAG accessibility rating provided by Khroma?
How limitless is the palette generation on Khroma?
Does Khroma have an Instagram page for color inspiration?
Who is Lucie Bajgart in relation to Khroma?
How do I start with Khroma?
Who is the creator of Khroma?
Can I use Khroma right on my browser?
Does Khroma provide typography color combinations?
How does Khroma make color work for me?

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