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Generate colour palettes from images.
GPT welcome message: Ready to create some color palettes!
Sample prompts:
Let me use Image Colour Palette!
Create an example Image Colour Palette.
How does 'Image Colour Palette' work?
What does 'Image Colour Palette' do?
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Image Palette is a GPT developed by Sourceduty, aimed at generating colour palettes from images. Leveraging the powerful text generation capabilities of ChatGPT, this tool presents an innovative way to create and understand color combinations, cultivating a productive interface for designers, artists, and content creators alike.

Upon inputting an image into Image Palette, it promptly analyzes it and produces a corresponding colour palette. It's prompt starters like 'Let me use Image Colour Palette!', 'Create an example Image Colour Palette.', 'How does Image Palette work?', or 'What does Image Palette do?' guide the users, ensuring an interactive and intuitive experience.

Furthermore, it offers an option to sign up for further access to its features. The integration of this tool with ChatGPT enhances the user experience by providing real-time conversation capabilities, creating an interactive and engaging platform to generate color palettes from images.

However, it should be noted that usage of Image Palette requires ChatGPT Plus implying some features might be accessible only with a subscription. Remember, while the interface is user-friendly, the final output depends on the image input's complexity and variety of colours.


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Image Palette was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 6th 2024.
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