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Organise and convert your colour palettes with AI.
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Smudge is a Developer Colour Palette Application designed to convert and organise colour palettes with assistance from a built-in AI. It features an integrated colour picker, enabling users to select colours directly or input specific colour values.

Colours can be then converted to HEX, RGB, or Swift code formats. Users can easily organise their selected colours into various palettes corresponding to different projects or brands.

Each colour within these palettes can be named and notes can be added for further clarity. The app allows for seamless sharing and synchronisation of palettes across multiple Apple devices and team members, including customisable access permissions.

In addition to standard colour picking tools, Smudge leverages AI technology for innovative functions like extracting dominant colours from imported images.

This extraction feature can create a new palette with a single command. Other AI functions include the AI Palette Assistant, a tool for generating colour palettes inspired by keywords, such as 'The sea' or 'New York Taxi'.

Once these AI-assistant-determined colours are detected, a new palette is automatically generated and named after the search phrase.


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Smudge was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 3rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Available on multiple Apple devices
Integrated colour picker
Colour value to code conversion
Hex, RGB, Swift codes supported
Organizes colours into palettes
Palettes tailored to projects or brands
Ability to name individual colours
Note addition on palettes
Shareable palettes
Palette synchronization across devices
Customizable access permissions
Colour extraction from images, logos
Automatic dominant colours extraction
Creates palettes from extracted colours
Generates palettes from keywords
Parameters saved for reuse
Interface for managing sharing permissions
Palette sync to cloud
Single tap colour code copying


Limited to Apple devices
Subscription auto-renewal
Lacks Android/Windows support


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