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Generate color palettes for designers and creatives
Generated by ChatGPT

HueHive is an AI-powered tool that allows users to create high-quality color palettes with ease. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, HueHive assists users in generating visually appealing color combinations for various design projects.

The tool offers a Figma plugin that enables seamless integration with popular design software, allowing designers to access and utilize color palettes directly within their workflow.

Additionally, HueHive offers a palette generator feature that utilizes Chat GPT technology to generate color palettes based on text input. With HueHive, users can effortlessly generate color palettes that align with specific themes or concepts, such as "cosmetic," "India recipes," "futuristic," "MakotoShinkai," and "dark fantasy." The tool provides a clear representation of these palettes, displaying the colors and their associated names.

HueHive also provides convenient links for users to explore and discover pre-generated palettes, as well as useful resources like their Android and iOS apps, Croma web, and Github repository.

Additionally, users can connect with HueHive on various social media platforms to stay updated and receive further inspiration for their color palette creation process.

Overall, HueHive offers designers and creatives a valuable resource for effortlessly generating high-quality color palettes using AI technology.


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