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ByJustin Davis
Generates color palettes from images with hex values.
GPT welcome message: Hi there! Excited to turn your image into a vibrant color palette? Upload it and pick your colors!
Sample prompts:
Upload an image and tell me how many colors you need.
Show me a photo, and let's pick a number of colors for the palette.
Need a color palette? Send an image and choose a color count.
Provide an image and specify how many colors you want in the palette.
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Real World Color Craft is a GPT designed with a specific focus on color generation from images. Users can upload an image to this GPT, and it produces a color palette based on the dominant colors in that image, provided in hex values.

This capability can be particularly useful for individuals such as graphic designers or artists seeking color inspiration from specific images, or for developers looking to create a consistent color theme across a website or application based on a logo or other image.This GPT operates with interactive prompts where users input the image of choice and specify the number of colors they want in the returned palette.

The use of hex values for color representation means the colors can be directly used in design software or coding environments, making it a practical tool for various digital creation activities.Users should note that access to Real World Color Craft requires ChatGPT Plus.

This tool combines the creative aspects of color theory with the practical application of AI technologies, making color selection an easy and engaging process.


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Real World Color Craft was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 30th 2023.
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